• Faculty of Sport, University “Union – Nikola Tesla”, Belgrade, Serbia
  • National Sports Academy “Vassil Levski”, Sofia, Bulgaria


  • Faculty of Sport, University “Union – Nikola Tesla”, Narodnih heroja 30 / I, New Belgrade


  • Friday, 17 May 2019, 09:00 – 18:00


09:00 – 10:00 Registration of participants and distribution of conference materials

10:00 Beginning of the Conference

10:00 – 12:00 Welcome address, opening of the Conference and keynote lectures

Welcome address:

  1. Ivanka Gajić, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Sport, University “Union – Nikola Tesla”;
  2. representatives of state institutions and sports federations of the Republic of Serbia

Keynote speakers:

  • Penčo Gešev, Rector, National Sports Academy „Vassil Levski“
  • Artem Savelev, Dean, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Derzhavin Tambov State University
  • Vlado Glođović, Head of the Police Station in Vrbas; UEFA Security Officer
  • Representative of Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia

13:00 – 15:00 Lunch break for conference participants

15:00 – 18:00 Paper presentations and certificate awards

Prof. Srećko Jovanović, PhD; Prof. Milan Mihajlović, PhD

  1. Damir Ahmić, Izet Banda, Branimir Mikić
    Differences in crisis management changes in crisis situations between the system of activities of social organizations
  1. Damir Ahmić, Ivanka Gajić, Žarko Vujović
    Sample and activity according to business type in social institutions
  1. Georgi Aleksandrov
    “T-Class” – The new ultimate shooting sport
  1. Mirjana Vuksanović
    The socio-psychological dimension of sport fans aggressiveness
  1. Saša Gašić, Ana Gavrilović
    Prevention of risk in the organization of sports mega-events
  2. Katarina Diklić
    The role of educational work in the primary school in the prevention of violence and misbehaviour in sports arenas
  3. Radovan Đukić, Milica Đukić, Mladen Banjanin, Uglјeša Vasilјević, Miloš Dević
    Orientation model and protection of the model for evaluation of the efficiency of the program in the handball
  1. Nenad Živadinović
    Safety and first aid in diving
  1. Goran Žigić, Đurica Amanović, Milan Jovanov
    The influence of special physical education programs on maximal muscular force
  1. Goran Žigić, Đurica Amanović, Milija Ljubisavlјević
    Hiqh-quality special physical education and training – a requirement for professional and qualified police
  1. Roman Zelepukin, Artem Saveliev, Vadim Kharin
    Institute of stewarding: a modern concept and its development in Russia
  1. Jelena Ivanović, Aco Gajević, Ivanka Gajić
    Sports audience – forms and behavior patterns
  1. Miodrag Jelenković, Sanja Jelenković
    Crisis in the society, crisis in sport
  1. Sanja Krsmanović Veličković, Predrag Veličković
    Security at sport events
  1. Vojislav Marković
    The role of organizers of sports competitions in prevention of violence and misconduct
  1. Uroš Mitrović, Ivana Parčina
    Crisis management and risk management at sport events
  1. Milan Mihajlović
    Sport and national identity
  1. Svetlana Petronijević, Nemanja Ćopić, Srećko Jovanović
    Knowledge of the rules as a prevention of unsportsmanlike behavior of competers and trainers
  1. Dragan Todorov
    Strengthening of the security of sporting events of the Serbian Athletics Association
  1. Ernest Šabić, Mirko Tufegdžija
    Security aspects at the world championship in football – Russia 2018

18:00 End of the Conference

Organizing Committee
professor Ivanka Gajić, phd
Dean of the Faculty of Sport

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